Apple May Not Approve A Google Maps Apps

When Apple released iOS 6 with its own Maps and essentially eradicated Google Maps from the new iteration, it was a major disaster. The new Maps were no good as they lacked some of the most basic features. Consequently, Apple had to issue apologies and direct iPhone users to use viable alternatives. Nonetheless, Apple may still refuse to accept a Google Maps app whenever it is released.

Google Maps vs Apple Maps

Such concerns have been cited by certain people belonging to Google. According to these sources, the search giant is indeed developing a Google Maps app for iOS users and that the app will most probably be ready to be rolled out by the end of this year.

However, the big question that is looming on the fate of this app is this: whether or not Apple will approve the app on its App Store. Apple has a rather strict control over its apps marketplace and given its relationships with Google, it may refuse to admit Google’s app on the store.

This kind of speculation is reinforced by a number of measures Apple has recently taken. For instance, when the company was shame-faced due to the poor performance of its own Maps and tried to direct users to other alternatives, it didn’t include any such apps which made use of Google’s API. And that was the case even when many apps making use of Google’s API would’ve delivered a far better performance.

Moreover, in a beta of iOS 6.1 released to developers, Apple included a MapKit API, which seeks to improve the company’s Maps app. This shows that Apple is bent upon improving its own Maps app rather than relenting back to Google. The question is, will Apple be able to do so without attracting the ire of its users?

Source: Guardian

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