Apple’s Siri Chief Goes To Samsung To Work On ‘Internet Of Things’

Luc Julia is known for his role as the development engineer for Apple‘s Siri technology. He was tasked with overlooking the development of the voice-based personal assistant. Julia has now moved over to Samsung and has been working on linking together the different components of an ‘Internet of things.’

Luc Julia

Julia is working at Samsung’s innovation lab which is located in Menlo Park, California. He is currently tasked with linking up the different devices embedded on a large platform. Called Samsung Architecture for Multimodal Interactions (SAMI), this platform is akin to the ‘Internet of things’ concept that we’ve often heard of.

The key aim of SAMI is that every device which is connected to the platform should be able to share data which can then be used by other connected devices.

As a demonstration, Julia shows that he can connect himself to a Fitbit band as well as a number of other sensors which can measure heart rate and discern other physical indicators of the body. This data is collected in the form of standalone apps, processed and then presented to the end-user as a single app. So if you were actually using a whole plethora of senors during your exercise routine, you will be able to view the info about your performance in a simple, presentable form on a single app.

When asked how the data from different applications can be processed and presented in real-time, Julia answered, “We’re doing this normalization and delivering the data through an API [application programming interface], because people don’t want to learn all the APIs for all the individual products.”

One of the key challenges faced by Samsung in developing SAMI is that the company lacks a lot of experience when it comes to online services. Moreover, Samsung’s competitive position in the smartphone and tablet arena discourages other notable companies such as Apple to collaborate on the project. However, the company is determined on making this project happen and aims to take it to a decisive stage within the next three to five years.

Courtesy: Tech Hive

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