Apple May Report First Quarter Of 2012 With 33 Million iPhone And 12 Million iPad Sold

Apple has done an exceptionally good business on the tablet front recently with the launch of the new iPad. However, it seems that the iPhone sales still continue to contribute the largest chunk to Apple’s overall revenue. With Apple due to report its quarterly revenue within a week and a half, a Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster has stated that Apple will most probably report sales of 33 million iPhone devices and 12 millions iPad tablets during the first quarter of 2012!

Those numbers of may seem huge but Apple has been baffling analysts and their estimates for quite some time. More than once, Apple has outdid the maximum sales projections predicted by analysts.

Wall Street had earlier handed out its own estimates which stated that Apple will probably close the quarter with 30.5 million iPhone and 13 million iPad tablets sold. However, Munster’s estimates slightly differ from those predicted by Wall Street in that he thinks Apple sold half a million more iPhone devices where the total for sales of iPad tablets is 1 million less according to him.

If Apple continues its trajectory of sales in line with its growth over the last four years, the company will experience yet another 6% increase in its revenues which is huge! For the share-holders, the good news is that this means a 16 percent hike in earnings per share, taking it to $11.41. Also, the overall revenue during the first quarter of 2012 for Apple would then be $38.3 billion.

Although sold lot more iPhone smartphones during the holiday quarter last year, taking the figures to 37 million, it is naturally understood that the numbers will be lowered during this quarter. Nonetheless, if Apple is able to touch the 33 million iPhone sales prediction, that means that the company is doing exceptionally good. According to Munster, the launch of the next-generation iPhone, expected later this year, will significantly boast the sales of iPhone devices.

One of the most interesting predictions regarding Apple came from Munster when he said that Apple will become the first trillion-dollar company by 2012. At the rate at which Apple continues to grow, that may not be all too surprising.

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