Apple May Soon Replace Tim Cook With A New CEO

Tim Cook, Apple’s present CEO, took the top position at the company after the death of Steve Jobs back in 2011. Now, Forbes is reporting that Apple’s board of directors isn’t exactly pleased with Cook’s performance as CEO and is planning on finding an apt replacement.

Tim Cook with iPad mini

Tim Cook became CEO right after Steve Jobs. So naturally, many critics expected him to be as good as Steve Jobs or even better. That must’ve been a fairly hard job and from the looks of it, Cook was able to pull it off well enough.

However, the board of directors of Apple is apparently dwelling on the point of Apple’s stock price. After Cook took over, Apple continued excellent growth and back in September 2012, the company’s share price was able to reach $702, the highest ever in Apple’s history.

But then began the decline and presently, Apple’s stock is valued somewhere near $390 per share. In other words, the stock has dipped down to nearly 50% of what it was back in 2012. However, it can’t be denied that iPhone sales have continued to stay strong and Apple is selling the smartphone units by millions each month.

Based on sources from the Wall Street, Forbes has reported that the board of directors seems determined to find a replacement for Tim Cook. The big question is, who else in Apple is capable and experienced enough to take up the huge responsibility of being the top chief and steer the company back to better market value.

Source: Forbes

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