Apple Remains On Top Of The Most Valuable Brands List

In today’s world ingrained well in technology, it is no surprise that many of the most valuable brands are names from the tech world. The most valuable brand, the one that stands on top of the list, is Apple. Apple bagged the position last year too and has been able to sustain its position through a second year. IBM stands in second position while Google has slid to a third.

The brand value of Apple has risen by 19 percent over the period of one year, taking its net value to $182.9 billion. IBM’s growth was lot less, counting 15 percent and pulling the company’s net worth to $115.9 billion.

Google has fallen from second to third place in the list, worth $107.8 billion. Interestingly, all top three most valuable brands are tech companies. Microsoft stood at 5th place, behind MacDonalds, besides the three tech giants. In the top ten position, only three are purely non-tech companies while the rest of the 7 are either tech companies or telecom giants.

One of the interesting deductions from the list is that Facebook has turned out to be the brand that is rising most fast in its value. It registered a whopping growth of 74 percent, moving it from 35th position to 19th and pinning its net worth at $33.2 billion. With Facebook having gone public now, it is expected that the net worth of the social network will only increase in the coming days.

According to the CEO of brand research company, Millward Brown, the company which brought together this list, “Brands are an insurance policy for businesses. Despite a prolonged period of economic stress, political uncertainty and natural disasters that buffeted brands across many categories, the value of the world’s leading brands keeps rising across many categories, sustaining and nurturing businesses.”

Source: Millward Brown

Courtesy: The Next Web


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