What Should We Expect From Apple’s October 22 Event

After a lot of rumors and speculation, Apple finally rolled out the invitations to its October 22 event recently. While the company hasn’t divulged what exactly it aims to unveil at the event, we have a fairly good idea what it’s gonna be. Below is a quick recap of the product launches we are expecting from Apple on October 22.

iPad 5 Event

One of the most obvious launches at the event is going to be the new iPad tablets. This year, Apple is readying two new slates, the details of which are given below.

iPad and iPad Mini:
Apple is due for a refresh of both its regular-sized iPad and iPad mini line-up. From the reports and rumors that have reached us so far, it would appear that Apple has tried to bring together the two line-ups. The larger iPad which Apple is due to unveil is probably going to be more like iPad mini in terms of design and outlook. In terms of specifications, the larger slate may pack 64-bit dual CPU cores from the A7 family. It is also expected that the company may bump the RAM of the slate to 1GB or even more.

As far as iPad mini is concerned, all hints indicate that Apple is finally going to pack up the little one with a Retina display. In case Apple does decide to go with the Retina display for the mini slate, that may inevitably lead to a thicker, bulkier slate, compared to the current iPad mini model. There are no solid reports about the internal specs of the expected model of iPad mini, although it seems probable that Apple would equip it with an A7 chip and 1GB of RAM.

MacBook Pro models:
The October 22 event may also bring us two new MacBook Pro notebooks – one each for the 13-inch and 15-inch models. No change in the outlook or design of the notebooks is expected. But Apple is sure to bump up the specifications of both machines.

MacBook Pro

An improved battery life is expected in both new machines and Apple may raise the bar on the GPU of the 15-inch model. This could mean that the company may furnish an improved, higher-performing GPU from AMD or Nvidia, or simply go with an Intel Iris 5200 model. The 13-inch machine, on the other hand, may get an Intel Iris 5100 GPU which is certainly better than the GPU in the current 13-inch MacBook Pro but not as good as Iris 5200.

Mac Pro:
Many users have eagerly been waiting for the new model of Apple’s high-end desktop machine, Mac Pro. The company showed off the machine at WWDC this year and it was able to turn quite a few heads.

Mac Pro

The specifications of the upcoming Mac Pro include an Intel Ivy Bridge Xeon CPU featuring 12 cores, together with 1866MHz of DDR3 RAM and Thunderbolt 2 ports. The global market for desktop machines has undergone a slump in recent years but with such high-end specs, Mac Pro may be able to herald the start of a new generation of desktop machines.

OS X 10.9:
Apple has been seeding builds of OS X 10.9 to its developers since June this year. Most recently, the company dished out the Golden Master build to the developer community, which means that the new version is finalized and ready for a launch. So expect the company to lift the wraps off it at the October 22 event, although it may be a few days after that before Apple makes it available to the users. Nonetheless, we do know that OS X 10.9 comes with Power-user features and better battery consumption.

October 22 event is just a few hours away now. While we have based out analysis above to the best of our estimations, we will have to wait and see how correct are our speculations.

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