Apple Posts ‘Apology’ Citing Samsung Didn’t Copy Its Design

A verdict given by a court in UK said that Samsung didn’t copy the design of Apple’s iPad and the latter should post an admission of this fact on its official website, so as to make up for the harm done to Samsung’s repute. Apple has now done so, though not without taking a few jibes.

Apple iPad

The UK court had originally ruled that whereas Apple’s iPad has a very simple yet cool design, Samsung’s tablet lacked both. And that in light of this, Samsung didn’t copy Apple’s design.

As a result of the ruling, it was held mandatory for Apple to post an official statement on its UK website explicitly admitting that Samsung didn’t copy the design of iPad. This, the court said, was needed to remedy the damage done to Samsung’s name due to the case.

Now, Apple has finally posted an official statement to its website. However, the company has been wise enough to drown the subtle apology in a barrage of other information such as the fact that courts in a number of other countries have ruled against Samsung.

For instance, part of the statement Apple posted online read, “However, in a case tried in Germany regarding the same patent, the court found that Samsung engaged in unfair competition by copying the iPad design. A U.S. jury also found Samsung guilty of infringing on Apple’s design and utility patents, awarding over one billion U.S. dollars in damages to Apple Inc.”

Apple has also reported extensively those part of the court’s verdict which praised Apple’s products and downplayed Samsung’s tablets by deeming them not cool enough.

Source: Apple
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