New Startups Like ThirdLove Decide To Solve The Bra Problem

For long, Victoria’s Secret has been the key brand considered synonymous with intimate parts of the female dress. But a number of new startups seem determined to overturn this hegemony now. Initiatives such as ThirdLove, for instance, aim to offer customized bras and other apparel accessories.


There is certainly a lot of rooms for technology when it comes to apparel. In the past, rudimentary tech support has been used to offer custom fit dresses to the customers. Now, the same technique is being applied to intimate dress accessories such as bras.

ThirdLove is a relatively fresh initiative which has been able to raise some $5.6 million so far. The company promises that it can provide women with better-fitting bras. To use ThirdLove’s service, all you need to do is download the iPhone app and start snapping away.

Once you have the app, you are required to provide at least two photos of yourself. These photos may take a while since the app is used to gauge your exact dimensions. Once the app has it right, which may be after quite a few attempts, it provides you with your exact size.

But the size provided by the app is a custom ThirdLove size. You can see it start with ‘TL’, which means that this size is relevant only for the bras you purchase from ThirdLove. To make things easier, ThirdLove app then provides you with a range of colors and styles for bras that match your exact size. This is certainly exclusive of the company to persuade you into purchasing only ThirdLove bras but then again, it makes a certain sense for a budding startup.

Companies such as ThirdLove are taking on the bra industry and threaten to erode the undisputed dominion of Victoria’s Secret. These ventures style themselves as the version 2.0 of intimate dressing. Do you think they are right and may stand a chance of being the next big thing in apparel? Share your thoughts with us in the comments box below.

Source: ThirdLove
Courtesy: All Things D

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