Apple ranks 35 in Forbes’ top 500

The well-known financial publication Forbes has launched its top 500, an annual top which includes the first 500 American companies that reported the biggest revenues. Apple has managed to climb 21 spots and now ranks 35 after they have reported revenues amounting to 65 billion dollars. This is a huge sum of money and equals the company’s financial reserve which has increased in recent years due to the iDcevices’ success. They have been the sales engine and pushed the company forward.

The company’s success could be explained by their expansion; they have not only conquered existing markets, but have also created new ones. The iPad marked the opening of a new market and it has proven to be a lucrative smart decision for Apple. Moreover, its successor iPad 2 is highly awaited by users. It seems that Apple can be a successful company and they know how to keep users under their spell irrespective of CEO’s medical leave rumours.

In terms of profit Apple ranks 8th with 14 billion dollars. The company has climbed 18 spots compared to last year’s ranking from Forbes’ top 500.  Although Apple has managed to climb up the top, Microsoft remains a profitable company with revenues of 18, 8 billion dollars. Apple has also been one of the biggest employers in the USA; the company has hired 12,600 people and now has 50,000 employees working in Apple’s stores from around the world.

All in all, Apple is doing great.  If they manage to bring an iPhone 5 and an iPad 3 tablet just as good as their predecessors maybe they will rank even better in next year’s top.

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