Apple Ready To Replace First-Generation iPod Nano For Free

Apple has offered to replace iPod Nano pieces sold between September 2005 and December 2006. The replacement is free of charge. According to Apple, over-heating may occur in some of these pieces due to a minor defect in the battery.

Defect in iPod Nano:
Apple has decided to replace the first edition of iPod Nano for limited users. According to Apple, there is a minor defect in the battery of this first ultra-thin edition of iPod Nanos which was sold in 2005 and 2006. The defect was traced back to a single supplier who provided the batteries for the Apple iPod Nano. The device can be replaced through the ‘replacement program’ page at Apple’s online support.

Procedure for replacement:
The replacement program is being offered for limited iPods, the ones which have been identified to have overheating problems. To check if you are eligible, you can simply go to the replacement program page and enter your iPod’s serial number. If you are having problems finding the serial number of your iPod, you should consult this page. If your iPod Nano is eligible for the replacement, you will be asked to send your gadget to Apple. Once you send it, you will receive a replacement within six weeks. Also, if you send a personalized iPod Nano for replacement, you will receive a non-personalized unit in return. The memory of the new iPod Nano will be clean, so you should back-up all your data on iTunes before sending it for the replacement.

Safety problems:
Apple decided to replace the devices because according to it, there is a small possibility that the device may overheat and cause safety problems. There is a very small possibility of this occurrence but as the battery gets older, the risk also increases.

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