Clinkle Claims To Have The Ultimate Solution For Digital Payments

For long, solutions such as Google Wallet have tried to offer the convenience of digital payments. But Wallet, and similar other solutions, have failed to gain much traction. Clinkle, a new payments start-up, has now claimed that it has finally devised the ultimate solution which will persuade users to leave their wallets at home.


The start-up hasn’t divulged any information as to what technology it is working on or that how the technology will work. But it has shared its secrets with many notable investors of the Silicon Valley, the result of which is that these Silicon Valley big-wigs are already lining up behind Clinkle.

Among the companies that are backing the new start-up are Intel, Intuit, Peter Thiel who is the co-founder of PayPal and many other notable funds. This goes on to show that Clinkle is certainly offering something promising, which has convinced these big-shots of the viability of its idea. So far, the company has been able to raise a whopping $25 million from these investors.

Nearly all digital payment solutions that have come out so far require some kind of a hardware to work with. Some solutions need specialized hardware to be added to a smartphone; for instance, the digital payments solution devised by PayPal. And yet others need your smartphone to contain the NFC chip before you can make digital payments.

Clinkle’s founder, Lucas Duplan, claims that his company’s digital payments solution is very unique in that it wouldn’t require the merchants to adopt any kind of hardware, neither would it be dependent upon NFC. Rather, the payment app of Clinkle will effectively be able to tie up with existing credit cards and bank accounts with perfect ease.

Naturally, we are intrigued at such an intuitive digital payments solution, although we are still at a loss as to what exactly this technology work. We are fervently looking forward to the time when Clinkle finally unveils this app and we are able to lay our hands on it.

Courtesy: NYT

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