Apple Store All Set To Open In London’s Harrods Department In Mid-March

When Apple declared it’s yearly sales and profits for the year 2011, the figures revealed that the profits of Apple Stores have more than doubled and were expected to continue contributing billions to Apple’s overall sales. In light of that, Apple also said that it plans to open a number of new Apple Stores around the world. And now, Apple has started working on this promise apparently. We had already known that Apple plans to open an Apple Store at London’s famous Harrods Department. A fresh round of speculation suggests this may happen as soon as mid-March.

Harrods department is a world-famous site. It has hundreds of shops and section within a magnificent structure and hosts many high-end brands. This makes it only an ideal choice for Apple to launch it’s Apple Store at. Harrods department gets up to 300,000 visitors on a busy day and that is definitely something which has enticed Apple’s interest.

The rumored timing of the opening of the Apple ┬áStore in London is also quite suggestive. It is nearly well-established that Apple will launch it’s next tablet, iPad 3, during the first week or so in March. The availability of the device will be delayed by another few days. So it is very likely that Apple is stepping up it’s efforts to open the London Apple Store in anticipation of the huge orders that it will receive for iPad 3.

However, the opening of the Store may coincide exactly with the launch, some have suggested. Apple has traditionally released it’s products on Fridays. March 16th is a Friday and shall Apple plan to unveil the device at that date, Londoneers will be able to line up in front of the Apple Store in Harrods Department to lay their hands on it.

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