Apple Continues To Be The Most Valuable Brand Globally

Apple’s performance indexes have dipped significantly in recent days. The likes of Samsung are posing a stiff competition to Apple whereas its own sales don’t seem to be growing as well as had been expected. Despite all this, Apple continues to be the most valuable brand around the world.

Brand value

This has been divulged in the ranking dished out by Millward Brown, a notable market intelligence company. In determining the position of different companies on the scale of value, Millward Brown takes into consideration both the financial strength as well as the equity position of a given brand.

As far as Apple is considered, the company continues to enjoy good financial position as compared to its competitors. Millward Brown says that customers around the world continue to deem Apple as the ‘gold standard.’

Interestingly, brand analysts claim that although the financial prowess of a company may dwindle, its brand value continues to exist and even grow. This precisely seems to be the case with Apple. Although the company has missed on many Wall Street expectations recently, it is still considered the undisputed champion in the tech arena.

According to Millward Brown’s list, Apple occupies the top position as the most valuable brand whereas Google falls at the second place, being valued at $113.7 billion. The third position has been landed by IBM whereas MacDonald’s is at the fourth position. The list demonstrates how tech giants have turned out to be global phenomenons and overtake mainstream businesses and corporate giants.

Source: Marketing Week

Courtesy: 9to5mac

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