Microsoft’s Build 2014 Developer Conference Scheduled For April 2 – 4

Every year, Microsoft brings together its developer community to discuss the future of its products and services. Next year, the company has now confirmed, the 2014 Build conference will take place from April 2 to April 4.

Build 2014 conference

Microsoft has also updated the official Build 2014 website with more details about the upcoming event. According to the site, Build 2014 will take place in Moscone Center, San Francisco.

Interestingly, the date and venue of Build 2014 were first updated on the official site a day ago. But as soon as a few publications highlighted the update, Microsoft pulled the details from the site. Now, the details have been reinstated on the website, confirming that they are indeed authentic and final.

Conventionally, Microsoft has been taking the occasion each year to reach out to its developers and discuss a whole range of products. This year, the key focus of the event will beWindows and Windows Phone. Moreover, sessions related to other major offerings such as Windows Azure, Visual Studio and Windows Server will also be held.

Registrations for the April event will start on January 14 and given the expected rush, it’s better if you try to grab your ticket at the earliest if you’re planning on attending it. The tickets will cost $2095 apiece and are expected to be sold out within no time. Other updates about the event will be posted to the official site in the coming days.

Source: Build 2014/Microsoft

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