Asus Releases MWC Teaser Video, Promises ‘Twice The Detail, Twice The Fun’

Asus seems to be planning a grand presence at the upcoming Mobile World Congress. The web had already been abuzz with the possible devices Asus will unveil at the event and now the company has released a teaser video which has further bolstered the suspense of everyone. However, the 17-second clip barely reveals anything and keeps all that anticipation intact.

The clip is being titled ‘twice the detail, twice the fun.’ Quite evidently, this seems to point directly to an enhanced video experience which may be a result of better resolution and pixel density. Apple is expected to unveil a stunning Retina display with 2048 x 1536 resolution in its upcoming iPad tablet. Samsung is also rumored to be upping the competition by enhancing the quality of its device’s displays. In such a whirdwind of competition, it only seems natural that Asus too may be planning to unveil a high-density display for its devices.

One possibility could be that the next model of Transformer Prime, the flagship tablet from Asus, may feature an HD 1080p quality display. However, whatever it is, we shall know on February 27th, the day on which the Asus event is scheduled to take place. Till then, let’s content ourselves with this teaser video:

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