Astronomy Apps-Augmented Reality Apps For The Classroom

With the advent of technology and especially, astronomy apps, teaching space to the young has become easier.

Astronomy Apps

Space has been a subject of much fascination for as long as human civilization has existed. Humans have tried to demystify the inner rules that guide the movement of different space objects. And now young aspiring scientists can build a knack for space using simple mobile apps.

Star Walk– Best Astronomy Guide For Your Smartphone

Platforms- iPad, iPhone, Android Phone, Android Tablet.

This app was developed by Russian-American Mobile software company Vito Technologies. This app aims to help space enthusiasts learn more about the space using their phones. It can help identify more than 200,000 planets, stars, constellations, and satellites. As soon as its users identify an object in space, a little tap on the screen will bring up relevant information on it. You can also learn about an object traveling back or forth in a timeline. It means you can explore the night sky of last month or years ago.

For beginners, you don’t need to do much to get started with the App. Just point your phone at the sky and you will see objects in it through your smartphone screen. Now, if you want to get information about the objects, simply tap on the little (i) icon on your screen. The app also comes with a calendar documenting all the celestial events of a particular year.

In recognition of its unique concept, this app has won the Apple Design Award 2010. The app also has a second edition to it. The second version came with some fundamental tweak to its interface.

Spacecraft 3D

Spacecraft 3D App is from NASA.  It lets you learn about a variety of spacecraft.

Platforms-iPad, iPhone, Android Phone


To use this app all you need is your smartphone and a printed AR target. It will help you visualize how spacecraft manoeuvrer and interact with space objects. Good news for the curious minds. You can actually dismantle the spacecraft and look inside it.

The app uses animation to display how spacecraft can interact and manipulate with its surrounding environment.  Additionally, the app takes input from the camera of the phone and overlays them on top of the device screen.

According to Kevin Hussey, NASA plans to integrate Cassini, Dawn and also the Voyager spacecraft.

Wrapping Up!

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