Bill Gates Is The Richest Person In The World Yet Again

The fortunes of the top billionaires of our planet frequently fluctuate as their businesses or stocks dwindle or soar. Bill Gates has now reclaimed the top spot of the richest person on Earth after a recent surge in Microsoft‘s stock.

Bill Gates

Gates is not new to the title by any means. Of the past 20 years, Forbes has granted him the title for 15 years. The interesting thing about Gates’ fortunes is that although he rose to fame and wild success through the company he created, he has invested less than 30% of his fortune in Microsoft.

By reclaiming the position, Gates has pushed aside Carlos Slim, the Mexican billionaire who was deemed the richest person by Forbes last year. The rise in Gates’ fortunes comes timely. He has only joined Microsoft again in a more active role after years of only passively engaged with the company.

With a new CEO at Microsoft’s helm, Gates will be playing the role of a technology advisor of sorts. It is quite possible that the spike in Microsoft’ stock has come as a result of the new CEO and Gates’ return to Microsoft in an active role.

Apart from his renewed role at Microsoft, Gates is engaged in a number of huge philanthropic projects around the globe. He has been managing The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation and has helped fund many projects about clean environment, efficiency energy, poverty alleviation and education.

Source: Forbes

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