Eric Schmidt Might Be Going To North Korea, Purpose Unknown

The Associated Press (AP) has reported on Wednesday that Google’s executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, will travel to North Korea on a private trip this year along with former United Nations Ambassador and New Mexico governor Bill Richardson.

Eric Schmidt

According to AP, this trip may happen as early as this month. Many people want to know – is it Schmidt’s personal or official trip? If official, then for what purpose Schmidt is going to North Korea, and with whom Schmidt will meet? Unfortunately, that answer of these questions remain unclear. But it is being assumed that Schmidt will be going to North Korea ‘officially’ to talk about the country’s internet policies; North Korea’s Internet policies are among the most restrictive in the world. But Google believes internet should be free and open to all and in every country. But in North Korea, it is one of the most toughest challenges.

As Google or Eric Schmidt hasn’t announced about the trip, so we’ll have to wait and find out what’s really going to happen. Stay tuned.

Source: Associated Press

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