Blogger Accused Of Paid Coverage Slams Samsung-Siding UK Judge For Lack Of Integrity

Taking a moral high ground is a tricky business. Especially when this is done publicly, you must have sufficient reasons to cite yourself as morally superior before criticizing someone for being morally devoid. So seems to be the case with Florian Mueller’s criticism of the UK judge who decided in favor of Samsung in the Apple-Samsung case over patent issues.

Sir Robin Jacob

The case which is being referred to above was ruled in favor of Samsung. As part of the ruling, the presiding UK judge, Sir Robin Jacob, asked Apple to post an official apology to Samsung on its website. Apple did so, albeit grudgingly, and used some tricks in the wording of the apology to tone it down.

Sir Robin Jacob was evidently displeased and snubbed Apple over it, further ruling that the company may repost a more contrite apology which Apple had to submit to. Interestingly, the same judge has now gone over to Samsung as a consultant for the company.

While it is perfectly legal, many have raised a finger on the ‘integrity’ of the judge for having done so. Among those criticizing the move is Florian Mueller of FOSS Patents. However, the ironic turn of things doesn’t end here. As it is, Florian Mueller himself has been criticized in the past for being paid for his ‘independent coverage’ of the Google-Oracle patent case.

In other words, the tech world is now criticizing Mueller for criticizing Sir Robin Jacob over a ‘lack of integrity.’ And thus, the wise words that moral high ground must be taken very carefully.

Source: Florian Mueller | 9to5google

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