Bob Mansfield Is No Longer On Apple’s Executive Team

Bob Mansfield, the senior vice president of technologies at Apple, has apparently left this position. He has been abruptly removed from the company’s official listing of top executives. It has transpired that he will be working only on select Apple projects from now on.

Bob Mansfield

Mansfield’s biography has been removed from the executive profile page of Apple. It is fairly surprising to note that until recently, Apple seemed confident that Mansfield would continue working on his position. But now, this change in his office has been quite sudden.

Apple didn’t divulge much on the matter, except dishing out a one-line statement which read, “Bob is no longer going to be on Appleā€™s executive team, but will remain at Apple working on special projects reporting to [CEO] Tim [Cook].”

It would be interesting to note here that back in 2012, Mansfield announced his retirement, after having worked with Apple for a fairly long time. However, he eventually came back to the company a few months later. Apple paid a handsome amount of cash, just to have him back. Reports have it that the company paid him a cash and stock package worth $2 million, which is quite extra-ordinary.

Despite such a past, it is equally intriguing that Apple is letting go of him now. From the sound of the well-nuanced official statement from the company, Mansfield will only be working on a few projects of his liking in the future.

Courtesy: All Things D

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