Break Up Of Sony And Samsung’s Joint VentureS-LCD for $939 Million

Finally, Sony and Samsung have decided to break up their 7 Years friendly relationship with S-LCD. S-LCD Corporation is the joint venture of The Japanese Entertainment and Electronics Giant Sony Corp and South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. whose vision was to create a new definition of LCD TV.


Yesterday (26 Dec), Sony and Samsung, this two companies have signed agreements to transition the present business relationship with respect to S-LCD panels. Therefore, S-LCD is going to be now all Samsung’s. According to the agreement, Samsung will have all the Shares and Authority of S-LCD (Partnership was 51-49) to operate. As a matter of fact, Samsung has to pay approximately KRW 1.08 trillion to Sony for the share transfer. As Samsung has the advanced manufacturing and great intellectual property in the market, so it will be easy, flexible and efficient in both panel production and business operations in S-LCD.

Sony Exits S-LCD

According to my previous article, as Sony was making loss in selling LCD TV, since then Sony was trying to be a partner of Ericsson’s share in Sony Ericsson joint mobile phone venture just to make some profit. So, no doubt, Sony’s recent struggles in the increasingly competitive world of TV division force Sony to Exit S-LCD as soon as possible.

Definitely, S-LCD is not going to be called Sony-Samsung LCD. Now, S-LCD refers Sammy LCD. Though, Sony is out of S-LCD Corporation, but yet according to agreement, Sony has agreed to source Sammy’s LCDs in the future. Sony also decides to co-operate S-LCD (Sammy LCD) by providing engineering efforts.

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