Cambridge Becomes UK’s First White Space City: Completes Successful Trial Of Next-Generation Wireless

Yesterday, the UK White Space consortium has declared more than 10 months of technology trials in urban and rural areas in and around Cambridge, England was a success. The consortium exploring and measuring rural wireless broadband, urban pop-up coverage and the emerging communication technologies, declared that TV white spaces has the ability to accelerate the demand for wireless connectivity fast.

The consortium base stations were set up on the north side of the Cambridge city center. The base stations were connected to dual omnidirectional wide-band antennas mounted on rooftops. Devices capable of working both in traditional Wi-Fi bands as well as white space bands will deliver broadband to rural communities and expand the range and quality of urban Wi-Fi areas. During trials engineers had managed to deliver upto 8Mbps data service out to the residents of rural Orwell. This wireless applications will benefit consumers and businesses. Geo-location databases proved a reliable way to control frequency use of the white space radios, which would help in any clash arising from simultaneous use of the same channels. The UK regulator Ofcom will complete its development of the enabling regulatory framework and implement it as soon as possible.

Source : Microsoft News Center

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