Candian Customers Can Now Cancel Phone Contracts After Two Years

Canadian wireless operators have long asserted a rather unfair power over their customers. However, thanks to a change in policy by Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, Canadian customers will now finally be able to get rid of their phone contracts after two years without paying any penalties.

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Before these new changes from the Commission, customers had to wait for at least three years before they could cancel their phone contracts. If they wanted to get out before the designated time, they had to pay significantly sums of money as penalty.

Customers in Canada have long called for a reform in policies governing the conduct of wireless operators. Many of these operators tend to charge exorbitant sums as soon as customers exceed a certain data limit. To counter this, the Commission has now ordained that wireless operators are required to cap roaming charges as soon as a customer hits a monthly bill limit of C$100 or US$97.

Of course, such customers who wish to consume greater amounts of data each month can pay additional charges and enjoy uninterrupted data plans. But the new condition essentially serves as a reminder for such customers who, unknowingly, exceed their data limits, only to find a huge bill at the end of the month.

Such reforms are certainly encouraging signs and Canadian customers will finally be able to give a sigh of relief. However, to conclusively break the hegemony of the three operators in the country, more wireless carriers need to join the fray so that the competition becomes wide and fair.

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