Dish Gets FCC’s Green Light Over Its Cellular Plans

Dish has long been planning to venture into the arena of cellular spectrum. The company has plans of launching a wireless broadband network of its own. Before it could do so, Dish required FCC to approve the request. The regulatory authority has finally approved the request now.

Dish network

Dish has been in talks with FCC for quite a few months. The company wanted FCC to allow it to use 40MHz of spectrum so that it could launch a 4G LTE wireless broadband network. However, initially FCC played it hard, refusing to relent to Dish’s request.

Fast forward a few months and FCC has gone softer towards Dish, citing that they would want to see Dish enter the wireless broadband arena so as to bring more competition into the market. However, FCC still wants to impose certain limitations on the wireless network that Dish will use so as to prevent interference with other networks.

Commenting on the approval of Dish’s request by FCC, Dish senior vice president and deputy general counsel Jeff Blum stated, “The FCC has removed outdated regulations and granted terrestrial flexibility for most of the AWS-4 band. The Commission has taken an important step toward facilitating wireless competition and innovation, and fulfilling the goals of the National Broadband Plan.”

He further stated, “Following a more thorough review of the order and its technical details. Dish will consider its strategic options and the optimal approach to put this spectrum to use for the benefit of consumers.”

Source: Dish

Courtesy: CNET

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