Soon You Can Use Your Electronics During All Parts Of Flight, FAA Finally Approves

In the past, many have fiercely criticized FAA‘s decision to ban electronics during certain parts of flight. The restriction, based on a belief that electronics can interfere with the plane, has finally proved baseless and FAA has allowed the use of most electronics during all parts of flight.


For long, FAA has held to the belief that electronic devices could somehow interfere with the radio signals of a planet. This has finally, and conclusively, been proved false. In fact, independent technology and aviation analysts concluded this long ago but the aviation regulatory authorities took a while to reach there.

According to the official announcement by FAA, “Passengers will eventually be able to read e-books, play games, and watch videos on their devices during all phases of flight, with very limited exceptions. Electronic items, books and magazines, must be held or put in the seat back pocket during the actual takeoff and landing roll.”

The agency further stated, “Cell phones should be in airplane mode or with cellular service disabled – i.e., no signal bars displayed—and cannot be used for voice communications based on FCC regulations that prohibit any airborne calls using cell phones. If your air carrier provides Wi-Fi service during flight, you may use those services. You can also continue to use short-range Bluetooth accessories, like wireless keyboards.”

However, there still are some restrictions that apply to the use of electronics during flight. For instance, the ultimate decision to allow the electronics usage during flights rests with a given airline. Moreover, passengers won’t be allowed to use internet on mobile devices below 10,000 feet, although it remains to be seen what carriers will offer internet usage at such heights. Despite these limitations, the decision by FAA is appreciable and certainly a step in the right direction.

Courtesy: Pop Sci

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