Intel Buys InfiniBand, Supercomputer Related Technology From QLogic For $125 Million

Intel recently spent a few bucks (more like $125 million) and acquired the InfiniBand network business from QLogic. InfiniBand has been around for ten years now and is a storage and communication link in HPC, Oracle RAC and other fewer known environments. It has been designed to sustain scalability, low latency and high throughput.

“The sale of these InfiniBand assets will benefit our shareholders by enabling us to provide better focus and greater investment in growth opportunities for the data center with our converged networking, enterprise Ethernet, and storage area networking products,” read a statement by Simon Biddiscombe, president and chief executive officer of Qlogic.

Given the fact that InfiniBand is a technology aimed at supercomputers, we can not help but wonder if Intel has something in mind related to oil-and-gas exploration or maybe nuclear research. Anyhow, the deal is expected to be sealed by the end of this quarter.

Profit for Intel has been on the rise over the past year, even if some worried about the slowing down of interest in core personal computers. Recently, as all companies have, Intel reported its earnings for the fourth quarter of 2011. The results well encouraging, turns out the revenue has grown significantly since last year with 21%. Unfortunately QLogic can’t say the same, because its fiscal quarter revenue fell 4.4% lower.

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