Eolas Technology Trying To Find Out Who Owns The Web

Eolas Technology has secured a place in tech history as being the company who has filled legal actions against Microsoft and got away with it. The company managed to win a total of $520.6 million, after accusing the software giant of infringing some patents connected with plugins and applets in Web browsers who were developed by the Eolas team.

Now Eolas is taking it one step further. How? Well it turns out it has filed another patent infringement lawsuit against almost all of the big boys in the tech business including Apple, Google, Yahoo and YouTube.

So the story goes like this. Back in 1998 the founding team of Eolas was working at the University of California and came up with the one of the first patents that set the Internet scene going. The Internet father, Tim Berners-Lee himself was called to court to testify this week against Eolas, and raised concerns about the impact the patent endorsement might have on the Internet we know today. Eolas seeks a remuneration of $600 in order to fill the void left by the patent violations.

Eolas will not stop here. It already set its eyes on a number of different businesses like Office Depot, Rent-A-Centre, Oracle and even Playboy as it already entered the stage of licensing agreements over its precious patents.


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