Extending Its New Storage Strategy, Dell Acquires AppSure

AppSure is one of the fastest-growing companies which excel in backup software technology. In a bid to extend its new storage strategy, Dell has acquired AppSure. Dell has been focusing on its storage portfolio and has been offering a broad range of products and services to the customers in this regard. This acquisition also seems a part of this strategy to further enhance its storage technology capabilities.

AppSure has recently made headlines over it’s leading backup solutions. The acquisition will immensely benefit Dell as it looks to expand it’s storage strategy. Dell is already offering a number of services that helps customers manage huge amounts of data so that it is secure and easily accessible. Over the years, this has emerged as a forte of Dell.

According to the president of Enterprise Solutions Group at Dell, “AppAssure’s unique architecture delivers innovative cloud-enabled backup and replication solutions that meet the challenges of protecting the explosive growth of data in both virtual and physical environments. At a practical level, AppAssure enables Dell customers to seamlessly move and replicate data across our existing platforms — from an EqualLogic array in a remote office to a Compellent array at a data recovery site.”

AppSure has been wildly successful, registering a 194 percent year-to-year revenue growth. It has been regarded as America’s fastest-growing backup company. In this context, it seems that Dell make a mighty profitable deal by acquiring the company. According to the CEO of AppSure, “Dell’s acquisition of AppAssure is a strategic industry move given its relentless focus on providing innovative solutions to protect customers’ applications and data in cloud, virtual and physical environments.”

Image courtesy dell.

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