Facebook To Shut Down It’s Stock Trading on Private Market After This Friday

As Facebook IPO is very close, it was expected that Facebook will cease facilitating transactions on its stock from private market. Today biggest private trading market SharesPost announced from end of Friday it will stop all Facebook transaction.

Facebook Stock Price

SharesPost actually started sending notice to all their traders from today evening about this. It mentioned “At Facebook’s request, SharesPost will cease facilitating transactions in Facebook stock as of Friday end of day to help ensure the company’s orderly transition into the public markets.”

Just few hours ago they informed the closing date of current running Facebook Auction will be changed from Monday April 2nd to Friday March 30th at Noon. And all bids are due by this Friday at 12:00 p.m. Noon PST.

Last Facebook Stock Price Information:

Though private market and public trading is different. But we would like to share last Facebook Stock price in SharesPost.

# The current running auction has start price of $38.00 per share(mostly Series 1 and Common B class share)

# Last end auction price was $41.00 per share, which completed on March 21, 2012 of 125,000 units.

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