Windows XP Is Still The Most Used OS

Windows 7 has rapidly caught on with the youngest segment of the population but mysteriously it hasn’t managed to become the #1 in the OS market. Its older brother is still calling the shoots. Apparently 47.19% of users are still hooked on Windows XP for some reason. Tradition seems to hold an important role in the hearts of Windows XP lovers, or else why on earth did Windows 7 only grab 36, 40% of the market.

How can that be you might ask yourselves? Well, frankly Windows XP is a good platform to work with, it’s easy and intuitive to work with, stable and it comes at a low cost. Other than that, it can perform pretty much everything the latest operating systems can. The extra points go to familiarity and heritage. We do know humans are creatures who prefer continuity. Also, its hardware requirement is pretty meager compared to today’s standards.

Even if Windows 7 looks prettier and could be called even more secure, we’re almost sure that more time must go by, for the majority of users to abandon their old ways. Windows Vista on the other hand is doing pretty bad, as it continues to sink at the bottom of forgotten OS ocean. Its shares have declined from 11.02% to 8.22% in January. Apple’s Mac OS X 10.6 (called Snow Leopard) also experienced decline from 3.65% to 2.95%.


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