Federal Judge Dismisses Apple’s Lawsuit Against Google

Apple and Motorola Mobility have been locked in a legal battle which is starting to heat up now. As Google acquired Motorola Mobility so it is now become Apple Vs Google lawsuit. Although Apple offered to pay $1 per iPhone to Motorola for using its patents, Motorola is demanding 2.25 percent of the overall profits. Apple filed a lawsuit against that but a federal judge in Wisconsin dismissed it.

Motorola Mobility

The lawsuit primarily focused on the fact that Motorola was demanding a price that was too high from Apple for having used its patents. Since the patents in question are standards-essential patents, Motorola is required by regulations to offer them at fair terms.

Nonetheless, it is hard to determine what are fair terms and what aren’t. Although FTC is gearing up to go after Motorola for allegedly making unfair use of its patent licensing by using its patents to thwart competition, Motorola seems undeterred by the pressure.

And it hasn’t backed off from its demand of 2.25 percent of Apple’s profits as part of its patent fee. To fend that off, Apple had filed a lawsuit in Madison, Wisconsin. However, the judge, Barbara Crabb dismissed the case without providing a reason.

Motorola Mobility later said in a statement, “We’re pleased that the court has dismissed Apple’s lawsuit with prejudice. Motorola has long offered licensing to our extensive patent portfolio at a reasonable and non-discriminatory rate in line with industry standards. We remain interested in reaching an agreement with Apple.”

Courtesy: Wired

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