The iTV Brand Could Be Taken Away From Apple

After in China Apple is accusing of selling counterfeited iPad as the name was previously registered by a local company, the nightmare could happen again if Apple insists on using the iTV name for the long rumored Apple television project. This time, the company that owns the ITV trademark, British TV network, warned Apple not to infringe its rights. The warning was issued two years ago, before the hype on the upcoming Apple smart television, and apparently Apple reassured the British company that they wouldn’t get into a legal fight over the name.

UK Telegraph reported the news a couple of days ago quoting sources with the power of decision inside Britain’s biggest commercial broadcaster. Katherine Rushton, UK Telegraph editor specialized in Media, Technology and Telecoms, also gives us an important piece of information that ITV insiders are worried that in the Tim Cooks regime, Apple might not respect an older promise and the well informed reporter adds a few spicy details to the mix. She suggests that Apple and ITV might be trying to “settle their potential tug-of-war over the three-letter name by the simple expedient of the former buying the latter.”

On the other hand, ITV denies the information saying that “The Telegraph’s piece is entirely speculative and there has been no recent dialogue between ITV and Apple on this subject.” Apple, as expected was reluctant to give any details on this matter. However, the smart Apple TV project is definitively ongoing even though the moniker is still to be found.


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