Forty Public Universities To Offer Free Online Courses With Credit

Open online education has seen projects like OpenCourseWare, edX, Coursera, and Udacity. Some of these projects are pretty vast in terms of content and offerings. But, a new initiative named MOOC2Degree (MOOC stands for massive open online course) seems to have surpassed all these projects in terms of educational institutes involved. Forty public universities have joined hands to offer free courses with credit through this initiative.

Magic CarpetUniversities, including Arizona State, Cleveland State, and the University of Arkansas, have joined hands with Academic Partnerships to offer free courses with full credits. The courses will be the same being offered by the member universities on that semester.

According to the New York Times, courses offered under this initiative would be mainly fall under “professional development” category. People taking these courses might decide to go ahead and enroll in a full degree program, such as a master’s in education or a bachelor of science in nursing. That is how, the universities and Academic Partnerships aim to cash in. The first batch of course will be offered this spring.

Thanks to: NYT

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