Google Considers The Acquisition Of Home Security Firm Dropcam

Google seems to have a keen interest in home automation systems, something that perhaps fits in with its Internet-of-Things vision. However, the company is reportedly considering acquiring Dropcam, a home security firm that creates affordable and connected security cameras.


The last major foray that Google made into home automation was the acquisition of Nest. Google paid a whopping $3.2 billion to get the brains and technology behind Nest’s products. And although we haven’t read anything about the Nest team since, we are sure they’ve been working on something new at Google.

The possible acquisition of Dropcam may be another piece of this home automation puzzle. According to The Information, “Google’s Nest division is plotting a move into the home-security market and has considered acquiring connected camera-maker Dropcam to accelerate the push.”

Dropcam is an interesting case in the home security industry because the company offers highly affordable and tech-savvy connected cameras. The $149 Dropcam, for instance, comes with full 720p streaming, two-way talk feature, digital zoom, night vision, encryption of all video feed and email/smartphone alerts.

The firm has essentially made home security an easy off-the-shelf task by using one camera to offer all critical features. In the description offered by Dropcam, “With a Dropcam Wi-Fi video monitoring camera and optional cloud recording service you can remotely drop in on your house, baby, pets, business, or anything else from a smartphone, tablet, or computer.”

And the connectivity of these Dropcam cameras, thanks to the company’s corresponding app, is one of its major strengths. While the news of Google acquiring Dropcam is still fresh from the rumor mill, it would be interesting to see how that deal goes down if it turns out to be true.

Source: The Information

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