Google Acquires Online Polling Startup Polar To Help Improve Google+

Polar is a highly graphical opinion poll service. The company has served over 1 billion polls over the last 8 months and it had 1.1 million active voters in September. However lately, search giant Google has announced that it has acquired Polar.

Google Acquires Polar

Polar was co-founded by Luke Wreblowski. He also spent time as an Entrepreneur in Residence at Benchmark Capital and as the Chief Design Architect at Yahoo. However, Polar’s service includes both a mobile app that allows users to create and participate in polls, as well as services for web publishers. No one knew that Google would acquire this online poll company. Yesterday, Polar wrote on its page, “Polar is joining Google!

There is no mention how much money Google has spend to buy Polar. But it’s been mentioned that Google has acquired this online polling startup to help improve Google+. The Polar team has joined Google+ and the service will continue to operate until the end of 2014. Existing users will be able to download and save an archive of their existing polls before the service shuts down for good.

Regarding acquisition of Polar, Google has mentioned that the Polar team will be “working with our designers and engineers to help us make G+ as beautiful and simple to use as possible, especially on mobile devices. Stay tuned!”

Source: Polar
Thanks To: New York Times

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