Google Brings Better Spelling And Image Search Ranking

According to a recent announcement published on the official Google Search blog, the giant search changer will get a set of 17 improvements including “high-quality sites algorithm, spelling systems, snippets, search preferences, speed, freshness and much more.” As Ben Gomes informs us, among the most important improvements is a feature codenamed Snappy Suggest, which means faster auto-complete designed to deliver better predictions on the queries and to do this much faster than before.

In relation to this feature, the company also announced working on the project named Trivial, which means significant improvements to the spelling corrections used in auto-complete. Also, Google seemed to have put a lot of heart and effort to bring better spelling to its search engine, as the new update will offer better spelling full page replacement, better spelling corrections for rare queries. This means that Google will automatically display the search results for the approved spelling version, instead of asking the user what he or she meant in the case of a wrong word.

In addition, Google will deliver better search results according to the query language. “With this change, we also attempt to auto-detect the language of the original query to generate related search queries. Now, a user typing a query in French might see French query refinements, even if her language is set to English,” explains Ben Gomes.



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