Google Drive Launching Next Week With 5GB Free Space – Plans To Be Dropbox Plus

As we reported last week about leakage of Google Drive, today we have got more details. Google Drive will be live from next Tuesday and it will give all user 5GB free space. We also got details how Google Plans to take on Dropbox.

Google Drive Home Page

There has been a lot of speculation about Google Drive lately. TNW got some inside about Google Drive and according to them Google Drive will lunch on next Tuesday.

What is Google Drive?
Its Google service to offer system integrated Cloud storage solution. It will have all feature of Dropbox with 5GB free storage. So far we come to know it will have Windows, Mac, iOS and Android client. We certainly assume it will be also available for Chrome OS and other Linux distribution package should not be far away. It will work right from My Computer just like a normal drive, and in mac it will be OS X app, and will be accessible as normal desktop folder.

Why we are calling it Dropbox Plus?
With 5GB free space and hard integration with Operating system and support for all major platform, it seems like an superior competitor of Dropbox. And Google is very well known for its Cloud Storage capability. You have to remember Google started giving unlimited space(7GB and counting) for its Gmail service, and they were first to give that much space for free. Google is very experience with Cloud Storage as reported Google itself use 15 Peta bytes of data everyday. And after all it’s Google, and they have plenty of cash even they want to invest in a new thing.

Dropbox old issue with Google:
If you could remember, Dropbox previously used Google storage for its premium customer, so when somebody need more storage in their Dropbox they could buy more space from Google and use that in Dropbox, but dropbox suspended that service calling Goolge’s storage is costly, and started serving its own premium package. Google surely was not happy about it, so here comes their own product.

Old gDrive:
There was an another application called gDrive for very long time which could connect to Google free mailing space and use that an network drive. But official Google Drive seems like a lot updated and more advanced.

When Google Drive is coming?
Google drive is coming next Tuesday. It’s Mac application is already downloadable reported by TechCrunch, but sitting idle as service is not active for all Google account. Another blog also posted a introduction page screen shot for Google Drive at which is not accessible right now.

Google Drive Feature:
So far known feature are as below –
# Will be available at from next Tuesday.
# It will give user 5GB free space and Upgrade will be as cheap as 20GB will costs only $5 USD per year just like Gmail extra space.
# It will have application and support for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.
# There will be native file handler for basic Google file format like Google Docs.
# It will work as normal drive folder and sync between any device.

So, now we have to wait till next week when Google release Google Drive Officially. Let us know in comments what you think about Google Drive, will it be a Dropbox killer?

Thanks: TechCrunch, TNW


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  1. Wilfred Lim

    It’s definitely a worthy one, compared to web-base e-mail service which it entered late…
    the cloud storage (free) is just begin to boom…

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