Google May Announce A Revamp Of Maps At I/O

Google’s I/O event is just around the corner and a number of rumors about the event are doing their rounds on the web. It is now being speculated that the search giant may soon revamp the interface of Maps and that the announcement is expected at the I/O event.

Google Maps

Google Maps is the most popular online mapping solution. The tool is very popular among the mobile audience too, despite the fact that competitors like Microsoft and Apple have tried to introduce their own alternatives.

Google may now be on the verge of introducing a virtual revamp of Maps. Unconfirmed reports suggest that the company may remove the sidebars as well as navigational buttons from the Maps while at the same time making the Maps more interactive.

Google Operating System is an unofficial Google news website that has posted screenshots of revamped Maps. The images are not authentic and have been created merely to denote the expected changes that Google may introduce soon. According to these images, Maps features a lot more icons and looks somewhat more colorful.

The site hasn’t provided a definite date when Google may launch these changes. But it does cite that the company may take the occasion of I/O event, which is scheduled next week, to make the announcement. If that does happen, we can expect that the actual changes may be rolled out within a few days.

Source: Google Operating System

Courtesy: CNET

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