Google+ Reached 10 Million Users Milestone

Google+ is becoming popular faster than many people imagined. It has been revealed that Google+ has reached 10million users milestone, despite of being field trial limited access, according to Google Co-founder Larry Page. The statistics were revealed by Larry Page during Google’s quarterly earnings call which increased by almost 32% with record quarterly revenue of $9 billion.

Many social statistics websites report that majority of people on the social networking website are male. According to SocialStatistics, out of the 10 million registered users on Google+, 86.6% are male. While FindPeopleOnPlus reports the percentage to be around 73%.

Here is what Larry Page said about Google+ as concluding remarks

We have made a good start but we are at only 1 per cent of what’s possible … Google is just getting started … and that is why I am here–working hard to lead this company to the next level

Google has been working hard to give Facebook a competition they never got before. What do you people think? How much time will it take for Google+ to be at a place where Facebook is right now?

Via – Google Plus

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