Report: Apple Working On Medical Device That Can Predict Heart Attacks

For the past few years, Apple has focused on iPhone and iPad as its key offerings. It has been speculated that sooner or later, the company is sure to expand into more smart devices. A new report now claims that one of these is a medical device.


Apple is typically very ambitious when it comes to new products. The company created quite a revolution in the smartphone and tablet market with its own products and, San Francisco (SF) Chronicle now claims, it aims to do the same in the arena of medical devices.

The paper says that Apple is currently working with audio engineer Tomlinson Holman on a unique medical device that will be able to predict heart attacks. As extraordinary as that may sound, recent advancement in wearable tech, smart devices and the incorporation of tech in medicine actually makes that a possible goal.

This purported device will apparently work by listening to the sound of the user’s blood flow. The mention of Holman lends some credibility to this report, given that he has been involved in some really ground-breaking audio technologies in the past.

SF Chronicle also says that Apple is gearing up to bring its tech prowess to smart cars. To that end, Apple’s Adrian Perica reportedly met Tesla CEO Elon Musk last year. However, the reports fall short of citing exactly what kind of technologies or products Apple has in mind for the auto industry. What we do know for sure in this regard is Apple’s ‘iOS in the car’ platform which the company unveiled at WWDC 2013.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

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