Google Recruiting In Large Numbers In Unorthodox Quarters

Yesterday, Ashwani Sharma, along with other officials from Google India, visited Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, to conduct a recruiting event for the search giant’s U.S. campuses. This is the first time Google has staged a recruiting event (conducted in three universities) in the South Asian nation. This recruiting event is part of biggest manhunt since 2007; something analysts believe could result into recruitment of 6,300 fresh bloods.

Just two years ago, Google took down its first lay off decision because of the recession. Now that the IT sector has largely rebounded, Google has taken down a worldwide search for talents. The urgency of the matter is such that the company’s Chief Financial Officer is also pitching for CVs.

Google’s North American offices currently hold 940 vacancies, among 2,000 worldwide open positions. But, Google isn’t the only shark in the ocean. Rivals like Facebook are also expanding. Some startups are applying lessons learnt from Google’s unorthodox perks and culture. And, in this increasing competition for talent, Google have no intention to settle for less. As the company’s CFO pleaded, “We are an unconventional company. And we’re looking for unconventional people.”

Source: Prothom Alo
Thanks To: The Globe and Mail

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