Google To Release Kid-friendly Versions Of Its Products

Google is one of the biggest tech companies on the planet that owns and operates some of the most widely used online services. Even kids love to use Google’s products and services. But as the same time it’s true that not all the products of Google are kid-friendly. So now, Google has decided to design and release kid-friendly versions of its products.

Google For Kids

A senior executive of Google has revealed that Google will design and develop many kid-friendly versions of its popular products like YouTube, Google Search and Chrome for children aged 12 and under. It’s been said that the big motivator behind this project in the company is “everyone having kids,” which is why there’s a push to make products safe and fun for children.

Google Kids

This initiative will come with a big advantage for parents as they’ll have “the right tools to oversee their kids.” In other words, parents will be able to have an eye on their kids and observe what their kids are doing and where  or on which site they are surfing.

It is important to mention you that there’s a small room called the Kids Studio at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California, where children of employees are encouraged to tinker with prototype projects. However, there’s no hint of when Google might release kid-friendly products, or how far along the company is developing these products. But it is expected that we may see something in 2015 and it will really be interesting to see how Google can achieve this while ensuring that children aged 12 and under remain safe when using such online services.

Source: USA Today
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