Google Wants To Save Rhinos: Donated US$5 Million To WWF

The search giant Google wants to save the Rhinos. So on December 4, Tuesday, Google gave the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) US$5 million so that the organization can use more drones to monitor poachers who hunt endangered animals.

Among the about to extinct animals, Rhinos are one. Many poachers hunt these endangered animals – Rhinos. According to Mother Jones’ report, WWF is using unmanned aerial drones in Nepal’s national parks to keep an eye on poachers, who hunt endangered animals. But keeping an eye on poachers using drones is costly. So the WWF had no plans to use further drones for protecting endangered animals. But on December 4, unexpectedly Google gave US$5 million to World Wildlife Fund (WWF) through Google’s Global Impact Awards. Google wants that WWF utilize this money to scramble more drones to keep an eye on poachers and protect endangered animals.

Now the WWF has decided to “expand its drone program in Asia and Africa to protect rhinos, which are hunted for their horns; elephants, which are pursued for their tusks, and tigers, which are killed for everything from their eyes to their reproductive organs.”

Google has already donated a total of US$23 million to seven organizations including the WWF,, Equal Opportunity Schools, the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media and GiveDirectly, a program that utilizes mobile tech to assist the poor.

Source: World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
Thanks To: Mother Jones

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