HiSense Lifts The Wraps Off Its Transparent 3D Display

The CES show this year has brought to us some very intriguing technology ideas and products. However, things are far from exhausted and every hour into the show lets us have a look at something more amazing. For instance, HiSense has unveiled a transparent 3D display which is the first of its kind.

HiSense transparent 3D display

The sizeable display that HiSense put on show during the technology event attracted the instant attention of those passing by. Naturally, anyone would be piqued at watching a TV that is entirely transparent, so much so that you can see the things at the other side of the screen with ease.

When the initial wow feeling wears off, one starts wondering, to what use would such a TV be put? It can’t be a standard TV at homes since although a transparent display may have its charms, HiSense’s screen requires additional equipment to work well – for instance, a bright light behind it to vivify the on-screen images.

There have been hints that the company is thinking more along the lines of pitching the display to the advertisement industry. Imagine watching video ads on one of these panels in a public place without losing the view of the things beyond it. In fact, come to think of it, it can even be used in subways and such.

According to the company, it is hopeful that the display will be available by sometime during the mid of this year and will carry a price tag of $3,000.

Courtesy: Engadget

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