Facebook Setting Up New Engineering Office In Boston

Currently, Facebook has four engineering offices, scattered around Seattle, Menlo Park, New York and London. The social network is now gearing for a new office and has announced that it will soon be setting foot in Boston.

Facebook Boston

The engineering team at Boston will initially be kept small, according to Facebook. The key tasks of this team will be to ‘focus on challenging new infrastructure projects in areas like networking, storage, security, and language runtimes.’

Apparently, Boston came up as an ideal choice for an engineering office because it already hosts a tech community that is ‘world-class, from the incredible academic institutions to the vibrant startup ecosystem to the bevy of global  companies who have teams here.’

A number of Facebook engineers have already been working for the social network remotely from Boston. It is expected that they will make the initial core team of the Boston office, although the team is sure to expand over time.

Currently, Facebook displays one job opening at its Boston office. So if you are based in Boston, have the requisite skills for being a ‘Software Engineer, Infrastructure’ and wish to work with Facebook, you’d better hurry.

Source: Facebook

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