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HP Is Revolutionizing Computing With ‘The Machine’

The pace of technological advancement today is so rapid that there is an ever-greater need for better computing solutions. HP is offering one in the shape of ‘The Machine‘, a computing setup that rethinks even the basics and offers a truly next-generation solution.

HP Machine

HP has created The Machine with the concept of ‘internet of things’ in mind. Internet of things essentially require the processing of huge amounts of data in real-time. Such huge data-parsing is currently possible only with supercomputers and other heavy-duty machines but HP plans to make the option available on more commonplace machines.

The Machine makes use of a whole group of special-purpose cores, so that each specified task is completed with speed and accuracy. Moreover, the company has replaced the conventional copper wires with photonics which ensures that the energy consumption of the Machine is very moderate.

According to HP, a Machine server can tackle 160 petabytes of data within 250 nanoseconds, which is truly revolutionary. Not only that, this hardware consumes 80% less energy when compared to other contemporary hardware offering similar computing prowess. Such extraordinary advancement in computing means that we may finally see the ‘internet of things’ turn from an idea into reality.

The Machine is so cutting-edge that HP has dedicated a sizable portion of resources to it. The company is writing an operating system solely for the new hardware and will be presenting the earliest prototypes to the public in 2015. For the consumers, it will take another three years for devices and machines making use of this new computing setup to arrive in the market. Until them, let’s keep our fingers crossed for HP.

Source: HP

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