If iPad Counted As PC, Apple Becomes World’s Top PC Vendor

According to the analysis of┬áDeutsche Bank’s Chris Whitmore, Apple is the world’s top PC vendor. This analysis considers iPad too as a PC, and with the millions of tablets sold out by Apple already, he thinks Apple is already the world’s top vendor. Moreover, according to his analysis, this is going to change little in 2012. Android tablets haven’t succeeded against Apple while Windows 8, and any tablets that support it, will pick up a pace very slowly. So Apple is stay with it’s crown, through 2012.

Top PC Vendor

According to Chris’ analysis, it had been expected widely that in 2011, Android tablets would push through with their market share and emerge as winners, as opposed to iPad, With so many tech giants rolling out Android tablets, it was hoped that Android would easily win over iPad tablets. However, that was not to be. Overall, Android tablets have failed, generally. And iPad has succeeded, immensely. Now, in 2012, Windows 8 is making it’s presence known. But even when once a post-beta version of Windows 8 is released, it will take a while to produce tablets with this OS. Moreover, rewriting apps to be compatible with Windows 8 and creating an entire ecosystem for it will take a whole lot of time. And in that time, meanwhile Apple’s iPad 3 will again be a winner by great margin.

While Chris’ analysis has been criticized because he depicted the share of only Apple’s tablets and not that of other vendors in his chart, the fact is that even if the tablet share of other vendors was added to the chart, Apple will still be distinctly leading the charge with a huge margin.

Source: CNNMoney

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