In a Work Day, One Apple Employees Makes More Than $2,200 in Revenue

Apple must be pretty proud of its employees, or at least we think it should. According to some new, exciting research from Asymco, it appears that every Apple worker brings in revenue of about $278 per hour. The revenue of Cupertino’s California based Apple was about $320,000 per employee in the first three quarters of the year. Now, compare the numbers, let’s say, with a company like J.C. Penney Co. who brings home only $124,000 per employee per year. Notice the almost triple difference?

More juicy details about the work life of Apple’s people were provided by the study. For example, each employee has been estimated to work 360 hours per quarter, therefore the average employee sees 6 visitors per hour or one every 10 minutes. The study was also able to calculate how much each Apple store visitor would generate on a Friday night stroll to his favorite shop – about $45. Also, apparently there’s only one employee available to take care of the needs of 2,500 visitors per quarter. It sure looks like a very stressful job, right about now.

Apple currently has opened 358 stores worldwide and has been responsible for “turning the boring computer sales floor into a sleek playroom filled with gadgets”. The Convent Garden Store in London/U.K. is at the moment the biggest Apple store in the world.

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