Apple’s [AAPL] Financial Success Pushed Share Value To Reach A New Record

The last earning report announced by Apple officials impressed the analysts who were taken by surprise but also had the expected affect on the AAPL value that reached at a new record high. According to the latest stock market report, Apple shares are now valued at $493.97 per share, which means that AAPL passed a record $460 billion market cap. As a consequence, analysts from Bloomberg Television referred at Apple as an “absolute phenomenon” that surpasses expectations once again.

The new Apple figures indicate that AAPL passes 10% of NASDAQ and the Cupertino based company completely humiliates a former rival, Research in Motion that is now valued 52 times less than Apple with its $8.45 billion. A connected event reveals the power shift in the smartphone market, if this needed further proof. Halliburton, one of the largest companies in the oil services industry, replaced 4,500 BlackBery smartphones owned by the employees with iPhones. In addition, Tim Cook pointed out that almost 95% of the Fortune 500 companies use or consider using iPhones, which further suggests that RIM lost its supremacy in enterprise environment to Apple.

Compared to other rivals, Apple manages to hold on its top position. Apple’s market capitalization is double the size of Microsoft, and also double the size of IBM. Also, Apple is further away than Google, which can show off only $198 billion.


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