Intel Makes Changes In The Executive Board, New COO Is Named

The largest chipmaker in the world, Intel is going through some internal changes. The announcement has been made this week, and from now on employees will be calling Brain Krzanich chief operating officer. Up until now Krzanich has been the senior vice president of the manufacturing operations. Now he’s taking even more responsibilities, as he will be in charge of internal information technology and human resources as well, replacing Andy Bryant. So who’s taking over for Krzanich you might be wondering.

It’s Dadi Perlmutter, formally head of Intet’s architecture group who will be getting the, empty seat. And the winds of change have struck even higher. From now on veteran Intel executive Andy Bryant will climb the ladder too – from being a vice chairman to executive chairman at the company’s shareholder meeting in May. Andy Bryant will take over, when Chairwoman Jane Shaw will be retiring at the above mentioned meeting.

Kirk Skaugen, who has been the head of Intel’s data center business, will now be in charge of the PC Client Group. He has dethroned Mooly Eden, who has been asked to go back to Israel to do a pretty sweet job – be the head of the local Intel unit.

Chief financial officer Stacy Smith and head of Technology Development, Bill Hot will from now on be reporting to CEO Paul Otellini, as opposed to going to Bryant. Of course Intel has big plans for the next year and analysts are already predicting a $55, 7 billion in revenue, so these changes might ensure it happens


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